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Yamaha FJR1300 2006-2017 Radiator Guard

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Product Description

Each Rad Guard comes with its own easy to read fitting instructions. There's NO cutting or alterations needed to fit the Rad Guard.

The Rad Guards is bolted on to existing radiator mounting points. This means No Vibrations and No rubbing. They are Not Cable Tied on like most other brands of radiator guards.

Expanded mesh is used to protect the radiator core along with a rigid frame that also acts as a brace. This frame will protect your radiator core from crushing on side impacts. This can happen just by the bike falling off its stand.

The Expanded Mesh on the Rad Guard sits off the radiator core by approximately 10-15mm so even if you have a direct hit from a stone, bird or any other road debris, the radiator core will not be touched or damaged in any way.

All RadGuards come with a transferable 3-Year Warranty.


Product Reviews

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  1. Good & the Bad

    Posted by Pete on 10th Dec 2015

    There is no Ugly...a well made solid piece of equipment which leaves the original for dead, which held stones in the "grid", not mesh, rather than deflecting them. Looks great in black on my dark red bike
    The bad is nothing to do with the product itself, rather the fitting of the product.
    I found that after removing both fairings and the original "protector" and horns that I could not get the top of the Radguard to lock onto the top of the radiator.
    After much sitting, staring, manipulating and eventually cutting, I locked it into position.
    A heavy hard plastic piece sits on top of the radiator. It has minimal flex and protrudes over the top of the radiator, stopping the guard from moving back far enough to lock on..
    After trimming away the outer edges with a knife and pliers I managed to get the guard to push in far enough to lock over the radiator.
    Took me a couple of hours, but more than happy with the result.
    I read that others had no problem with the fitting so maybe my model has a different plastic piece.
    I have put Radguards on all my bikes over the years that could use one and have been more than happy. Other models were easy to fit and great protection.
    An excellent product that I would and do recommend to anyone
    Regards, Pete

  2. Extreme good quality

    Posted by Jan Jeuring on 18th Aug 2013

    I live in The Netherlands (Holland) and for me it was the first time that I ordered a product in Australia. It's the other side of the world, but everything went perfect. No damage during the transport, very good protection of the product. Fitting was no problem and I'm very happy with the product. As a member of the FJR Club NL, the other members saw my radguard protector and are also exited about the quality and the looks. Everywhere I come the reactions are top! Well done Radguard.

  3. easy as

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2013

    Order a radgurd for my 2013 FJr1300 well made easy to fit and very good value and protection 10 out of 10

  4. Excellent Product

    Posted by Steve on 19th Aug 2012

    I had been thinking of buying a Radguard for sometime but had not done so. I ordered mine on line at 9pm on a Monday night and a courier delivered it about 9.30am Wednesday. What great service. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product and think it looks great on the bike, I have a black FJR and the black Radguard is a welcome addition. I now feel secure in the knowledge that my radiator is now secure from stone damage on the long rides I like to do. In summary a very high quality product at a very reasonable price. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend the product.